The Shift is a global news aggregation site, a ministry, and a safe space, intended to bridge the gap between Christianity and LGBTQ as a news portal of special interests, primarily to those two specific communities, united as one.

The Shift is non-partisan, non-denominationally Protestant, while laying claim to crucial Christian tenets of faith as laid out in the Nicene Creed. The Shift is an attempt to remove the religiosity from stigmatized contemporary Christian propositions for how to live life following and loving Jesus Christ. Articles that take His view are welcome here, as are articles from marginalized voices that would not be welcome at conservative media outlets because they do not fit the legalistic code or ultraconservative political slant of their subscribers. Jesus didn’t play it safe in catering to any religious audience, neither do we.

The current version of The Shift is in beta, we are a work in progress. Please be kind and considerate of our development status. Know that genuine truth-seekers are always welcome here.